Wednesday, October 21, 2015

38 weeks - and I am so ready!

How far along: 38 weeks - and I'm about ready to be not pregnant anymore
Name: Beau Fisher
Boy/girl: boy!!
Movement: He's still moving around in there, but I'm pretty sure that he's running out of room
Contractions: Not since over a week ago with the "Toni Braxton Hicks" contractions, as my husband called them
Total weight gain: down 19lbs
Maternity clothes: Yes, but I pretty much don't feel comfortable in anything.  At all.
Mood: Fine, but emotional.  I think I'm stretching myself too thin at this point.  I'm still working, but cut back my hours (1hr a day only), but on this day, I realize that I don't have much more to give.  I am beyond exhausted, but somehow cannot bring myself to just call in.  I am stubborn in that I just keep working.  My mom thinks I should've started my leave last week, but I figured, "why not one more week? I'll just start the leave the week of my appointment."  Well, it may be backfiring on me now.  I have a feeling Beau won't wait until next Thursday.  I'm pretty sure he'll make an appearance early.  And that makes me anxious.  Call me dedicated, or just plain stupid.   This pregnancy is just so different from my first.  I'm older, I have a toddler, I am beat! 
Sleep: Some nights are better than others.  
Cravings: No. 
Anything make me sick: no
Miss anything: Feeling normal.
Belly button in/out: in - but looks like it's out when I lean back sometimes!
Wedding rings on/off: off
Best moment this week: Getting a few more things for Beau, doing the laundry and folding all his sweet little clothes. Oh, let's not forget the most important part of this week, my hair appt!  Roots are gone, and my hair is looking good!
Looking forward to: Honestly, not working. Being able to rest a little more before I go into this c-section and tubal fiasco.  

Monday, October 12, 2015

37 weeks

How far along: Wowzah, time sure does fly by quickly with baby #2. It's insane. I thought it was going slowly,  and then boom,  here I am at 37 weeks.  Goodness.
Name: Beau Fisher
Boy/girl: boy!!
Movement: all the time
Contractions: yes, first time having the braxton hicks. not cool, but glad it was just that.
Total weight gain: down 2lbs, so 17lbs gained
Maternity clothes: you know it!
Mood: ehh.. exhausted

Sleep: not as much as I'd like bc it's hard to get comfortable. 

Cravings: chocolate and chips and salsa

Anything make me sick: no

Miss anything: reaching my toes
Belly button in/out: in
Wedding rings on/off: off
Best moment this week: Daddy and I went shopping for Beau, and we picked up a few more things for his room.  And we accomplished the task of getting Ava's room moved. I still have some decorating to finish, but her furniture is all set up. Pretty much all of her things are moved in, but she'll be in her crib for a little longer, until our family leaves after Beau arrives. No rush since she'll have to sleep in her crib then, anyway.
Looking forward to: Putting the finishing touches on Beau's room, and getting it painted.  Or really I should say, getting in his room and starting on it. Oh ya, and getting closer to my appt!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

36 weeks & Baby watch is officially on!

3 weeks (or less) until we meet our Beau Fisher!
How far along: 36 weeks
Gender: boy
Name: Beau Fisher (he finally has a middle name, that Don picked out & I think it's great!)
Movement: yes - so much movement. Even during my ultrasound I had yesterday to measure his size.  (Can't really tell, but was told that he'll probably be long like Ava - only longer, and not chunky.
Total weight gain/loss: 19lb - at least I haven't gained more in the last 2 weeks!
Stretch marks: a few marks.
Belly button in/out: In
Wedding rings on/off: off, just wearing a band
Sleep:  For sure. I had started sleeping in the other room, on Ava's "big bed" (our queen bed we used to have in our master - it's very soft and easy on my hips, although I miss my hubby!!)
Food/drink cravings: sweets... such bad things!  Once I break the seal on a sweet, it's all over.
Anything makes me sick: No
Miss anything: Comfort - in sitting, standing, walking, sleeping.
Mood: Still doing good.
Happy Ava = Happy mama
Best moment this week: Meeting the Dr. that is scheduled to do my c-section, after seeing Beau on the ultrasound and his cute face (no, not 3d, just regular; I could tell he was precious!).  She made me feel ok about the unknown that I'm getting into, and reassured that I will be ok during and after.  I have no idea what to expect this time around, just as I didn't the first time with Ava.  But I am scared that Beau will come early, and that kinda stresses me out with work, and being even the slightest bit "ready" for what is going to be coming.  I mean, the part about me being opened up, rearranged, sewn back together, etc.  Then the gas pains, and the soreness.  Of course I have no clue how this will feel.  The recovery from the first delivery was painful and dreadful. But at least I'll be able to sit on my tooshie this time, rather than being in so much pain that I hated even sitting down or going to the bathroom.  So I guess I've just got to wait and see... Also, the office ladies threw a shower for me today and got me some super cute things. And the office got the car seat I registered for.  So sweet!! Oh, and one more highlight of the week - our office hired a temp to fill in while I'm out.  I've been training her since Monday and am so relieved that she's picking it all up nicely.  And oh ya, my super clean house!!
Looking forward to: Going through Beau's gift's and organizing. I want to go pick up some things that I didn't get from the registry, and try to get his room set up.  Which means moving things into Ava's new room. Obviously she'll be in her crib still, but I would like to attempt to get her room ready. OMG and I have got to pack my  hospital bag!  Don reminded me of that the other day - just because we don't know when Beau is coming, I've got to be prepared.  My appt is in 3 weeks.  3 weeks.  Let that sink in.

34 weeks

Seriously, how tired do I look?
How far along: 34weeks
Gender: boy
Name: Beau
Movement: yes
Total weight gain/loss: 19lb
Stretch marks: a few small marks. Ugh
Belly button in/out: still in
Wedding rings on/off: off, just wearing a band
Sleep: yes, and naps on the weekend
Food/drink cravings: sweets...
Anything makes me sick: nah
Miss anything: the ability to shave and bend over
Mood: better than last week, but Ava had a rough week. I had to leave her with daddy one night and go out on my own.  I met up with another pregnant friend and had a vent session, which was so needed and appreciated. And over ice cream!! Perfection.
Best moment this week: honestly,  the day after Ava's meltdown, and she was a little sweetie. That and I am preregistered at the hospital,  and have scheduley csection for 10/29.
Looking forward to: getting closer to Beau's due date!

35 weeks

Less than 5 weeks until we meet our baby boy!  (let that sink in...)
How far along: 35weeks
Gender: boy
Name: Beau
Movement: yep
Total weight gain/loss: 19lb 
Stretch marks: a few...
Belly button in/out: still in - barely
Wedding rings on/off: wearing a simple band
Sleep: yes, and naps!
Food/drink cravings: chocolate ice cream
Anything makes me sick: no
Miss anything: walking normal
Mood: roller coaster-y, but mostly good (thanks to Ava's good behavior)
Best moment this week: Believe it or not, actually calling a "cleaning lady" that was recommended by a co-worker. I even lined up an appt with her, and am already excited to have her come!
Perfect shower thrown by my friend Michele.
Looking forward to: My baby shower this weekend!! My girlfriend has put together some pretty great ideas, and I've really been looking forward to seeing everything! The theme was "Ahoy!  It's a boy!" and the decorations were so perfect.  From the names of the foods, the yummy cake and the home made salt scrub (that she made herself), she really outdid herself.  I was so happy!  It's great to have such an amazing friend, and on top of that, our girls, 3 weeks apart, are besties.  All of my girlfriends were there, and we had a great time. I'm so fortunate to have such great friends!!
Ava & Olivia! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

33 weeks

How far along: 33 weeks
Gender: boy
Name: Beau David (we think... again)
Movement:like 20hrs out of the day!
Total weight gain: 14lbs (maybe more this week... just sayin')
Belly button in/out : still in
Stretch marks: a couple, sadly.
Wedding rings on/off: On - put them back on, but my hands are still cracking from all the washing, so I put the little band back on.
Sleep: Yes, and I'm flat exhausted at the 6 o'clock hour - which is when we're driving home from work/school.
Miss anything: comfort - in sitting, standing, walking, you name it.  And non-puffy feet.  Oh my.
Craving food/drink: fruits and sweet tea.  And then salty. Oh, last week I forgot to mention that I was craving a specific sub from a local shop and it's all deli meat.  So thankfully, they offer it warm, and I enjoyed every bite of it.
Anything make me sick: nah - strong smells are getting to me, again, too.
Mood: still hangin in there.  I'm tired.
Best moment this week:  A foot massage from my husband - after he pointed out sympathetically that they were so puffy.
Looking forward to: Doing more to Ava's new room, and maybe getting some things for Beau's room.

Monday, September 14, 2015

32 weeks down!

How far along: 32 weeks down
Gender: boy
Name: Beau
Movement: heck yes
Total weight gain: 14lbs (my max between both prenancies!)
Belly button in/out :  technically still in
Wedding rings on/off: I was wearing a single band this week, only because my hands are so dry and cracked - bc I have to go to the bathroom a million times a day and wash like crazy. But I put my wedding rings back on tonight bc I miss them!
Sleep: for the most part. Although when I wake  to pee around 2 or 3 or whenever (I don't look at the time on purpose), I'm usually awake for an hour after, peeing again, and not able to fall back asleep.
Anything make me sick: no. I'm taking nexium,  thanks to another pregnant friend, and it seems to be working better thus far.
Miss anything: red, red wine 
Mood: much easier to control. No more potty mouth (sorry mama), and I feel more calm now, even with Ava. I still short a few times, but I am doing my best to breathe,  ignore, or walk away. Even went out for a few hours Saturday to run some errands alone.  Daddy was just fine napping while the beast, I mean angel Ava napped.
Best moment this week: getting the c-section approved by the dr.  Just a relief knowing that my concern for difficulty in delivery is legitimate makes me feel better. I'm not going through what I went through with Ava, a 6.10lb baby, and a level 4 tear. No thank you sir. The nurse practitioner also told me that she has told my story to people, I guess I'm just special. lol...
We also have begun the transition for Ava into her new room, with some decorative things and moving the bed. She is ready for her big bed! Maybe it'll be easier to move her than we dreamed!
Looking forward to: decorating Ava's room, and picking out paint for Beau's room. My sweet brother said he would paint it.  Yay!